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Conscious Communication Cards


"We love your cards and have asked all our parents at our nursery school to buy them." - Kelly P. Charlestown Nursery School, MA

"They are well made and easy to follow. No regrets. Delivered as advertised." - Nathan W.

"We got ours yesterday. It was so easy to sift through the cards and quickly pull out a few of our more frequent conflicts for quick reading. Thanks for this awesome tool!" - Helen B. 

"Wonderful! Thank you for creating an easy and helpful tool!!" - Traci G.

"Thank YOU! I love them, and they are already changing the way I give instructions to my kids!!" - Nathalie S.



"They are beautiful and I’m super excited to be sharing your message! Thank you again for all you’re doing for parents and children!" - Bonnie Compton, Author of Mothering with Courage

"I’m so happy to have these cards. It is hard to remember what I should say in the heat of the moment. They make that part so simple! Thank you, thank you for making these." - Melissa B.

"A very useful resource." - Bev W.

"I’m so impressed by the quality of the cards and even the box! I’m so excited to have these at my fingertips and be able to share them with others!! Thanks for all your hard work on this!" - Ilia G.

"Thank you, they are great!!! My niece who is a speech therapist who works with young children thought they were great too."
- Holly C.



"I have these cards and they are LOVELY. I keep them on my table and handy and all times. I also pull one or two of the most prominent themes we are currently experiencing and keep them with me when we’re out or stick them on the fridge." - Jen S.

"These are great tools to help parents and childcare workers to choose more thoughtful phrases during difficult times."
- Kate F.


"They'd make a great new mom gift or even a birthday present at baby's first birthday. Thanks for creating a fine, quality product that I think will be intuitive to use." - Jill K.

"Super excited. Really great cards. Eager to share them with fellow teachers, colleagues, and family. Thank you from Sydney, Australia!!!"
- Haydee M.


"I have stopped and thought about my communication using what I read on the cards and feel the difference. I may not have the patience to do it every time, but I think it’s also changing how I think too. Thanks." - Kate P.


"They are great and will be a very helpful resource for the parenting classes I teach. Parents always want to know what their alternative is if they are not going to impose consequences and punish unwanted behavior. Love these! Thanks!!!!" - Meredith Mustard, Parenting Coach

"I read through all the cards as soon as I received mine. Thank you so much for doing this." - Christine Z.

"I was so giddy to open them! They packaging is clean and appealing. The cards themselves are larger than I expected (in a good way) and seem to be great quality. I am having several mom friends over and will definitely be showing these off (and the techniques, of course)!" - Sara G. 

"They're amazing, Lori!!! Congratulations." - Hunter Clarke-Fields, Mindful Mama Mentor 



"They are beautiful and I am so excited to use them!" - Jennifer M.

"Got my cards today here in Finland. They are awesome! So glad to have participated in this campaign. Thank you Lori!" - Taru K.

"Our cards came!!! Super happy!" - Lisa K.

"They look and feel great! Thanks so much for such a quality product!!!"
- Jennifer T.

"I received mine and they are beauties. Thank you, I will be sharing stories soon!" - Tonya P.