The Conscious Communication Cards laid out on a desk.
Conscious Communication Cards - 45 parenting scenarios for toddlers to teens.
Conscious Communication Cards - Deck
Target the root cause of negative behavior with the Conscious Communication Cards.
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Parents reviewing the Conscious Communication Cards
Parents reviewing the Conscious Communication Cards

Conscious Communication Cards for Parents

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Change behavior with the Conscious Communication Cards - a one-of-a-kind social-emotional tool for parents & caregivers. 

45 common parenting scenarios show you how to turn reactionary behavior and disconnecting words into quality feedback that reduces stress, strengthens your connection, and models respectful communication. 

52-Card Deck includes:
  • 45 color-coded situations are divided into 3 main areas of challenge.
  • Sample Language + Perspective Shifts - Each card shows how to change your mindset and shift your focus PLUS sample language to help you positively impact your child's behavior. 
  • 3 Target Cards (Support, Stress & Skills) to help you identify the root cause of challenging behavior.
  • TEACH Tool - 5-step process for peaceful conflict resolution.
What The Cards Do:
  1. Strengthen relationships.
  2. Teach self-regulation.
  3. Develop emerging skills.
Start new conversations about everyday challenges and set limits your kids will respect.

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What Are the Conscious Communication Cards?

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